Wedding Bouquets – 5 Important Questions To Ask About Your Bridal Bouquet

5 important questions to ask about your bridal bouquet blog

5 Important Questions To Ask About Your Bridal Bouquet

Wedding bouquets on order? All done? You might think that you are all sorted and ready but have you thought about the following?

  1. Have you made arrangements for your wedding bouquet to be delivered to where you are getting ready for your wedding?
  2. Do you have a time that the bridal bouquet will be delivered – think about when you will need it for pre wedding ceremony photographs, and more importantly in plenty of time before your journey to your wedding ceremony
  3. Are you attaching a memory locket or a personal detail to your wedding bouquet? If you are do you have the pins or ribbon that you need
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  4. Where are you going to put the bridal bouquet when it arrives? A cool spot (away from hairdryers and showers!) where it won’t get knocked over is a good plan!
  5. Have you made sure that your wedding photographer can have access to your wedding bouquet when it arrives to take a few special photographs?

And Finally…

What are you going to do with your bridal bouquet at the end of the night? A bouquet toss and follow tradition by giving the bouquet away to an unmarried female who may indeed be the next to marry? Or will you have your bouquet dried and preserved to keep forever? Of course if you have chosen a brooch bouquet or keepsake bouquet then you will already have made this choice!


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