Wedding Bouquet Lockets – 3 easy steps to Personalise Your Bridal Bouquet

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3 Easy Steps to Personalise Your Bridal Bouquet

One of the ways that we have worked with our brides to bring that extra element of memory making to their bridal bouquet is to use a wedding bouquet memory locket. And here are our 3 simple steps on using a wedding locket.

Step 1:

Choose a colour that reflects your bridal style. For an elegant and timeless look, work with a metallic colour. Whether silver, gold, rose gold, or copper go with the style that makes your heart sing. It might be an idea to match with  the colour of your jewellery or wedding ring when selecting your locket as you are likely to see them both in the same photograph and I know you want things to match up!

Step 2:

A picture speaks a thousand words. And if you are anything like me, you will have so many favourite photographs of the important people and memories in your life. Why not add a photograph that has special meaning for you to your wedding locket. This could be your partner, children, parents or grandparents on their wedding day, or a special family member or friend who can’t be with you on your wedding day.

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You will need to do a little bit of work on resizing the photograph to ensure it fits into your locket. For this we recommend using and the “resize” feature found in the “basic edits” menu. You might need to play around a little with this to get it right.

Before you cut the photo we recommend you create a template to draw around on the reverse of the photograph. Simply draw around the locket on a piece of paper or card, or if you have purchased one of our “bride” “bridesmaid” or “chief bridesmaid” lockets then pop out the disc and you have a perfect template.

Step 3:

Be charming! Add some charms. A perfect opportunity to add that something old, something new, or something blue! Or you could even add a love note scrolled up to or from your someone special!

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If you are interested in purchasing a wedding locket then do visit our StyledByDeeMc page where we sell a wide range of bouquet lockets and hand crafted brooch bouquets and ribbon rose bouquets.


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