Classic Wedding Photographs To Put On Your Photo List


Part 1:

“The Kiss”

“By a wall the stranger now calls his,
Was born of old a particular kiss”

Thomas Hardy, The Kiss

The Kiss

“The Kiss” photograph is one of the most iconic photographs that will be taken on your wedding day. Whether it is that very first touch of lips just after those words “you may now kiss the bride” or a private moment spontaneously captured during your wedding day, the kiss photo will always be one of your favourites.

But for those of you who like a little more drama we have selected a few kiss photos that are clearly posed and planned in advance but that create a stunning and powerful photograph full of emotion. And that is what you should be thinking about preserving in your wedding images.

Some of the most powerful photographs are those that have a featured background in a dominant colour. Whether it is against a coloured wall as on the previous page, or a dramatic sky in the image below, it is well worth talking to your photographer about possible settings in which to take such a photograph.

bride and groom photo

Also think about when the photographs will be taken. In the UK and Ireland traditionally wedding photographs are taken on the day of the wedding, and only on the day of the wedding. But if you are looking for a stunning shot like this, then you may want to think about taking the photographs at a different point in time. Many cultures take couple photographs before the wedding ceremony, as in days before, so that the images are then visible on the wedding day. The down side – your groom sees the wedding dress before your wedding day

The up side – you get amazing images without stress, you get to dress up more than once!!

bride and groom photo

“The Sunset”

“Enjoy every sunset

Look forward to every sunrise”

bride and groom

The natural lighting created at sunrise and sunset can cast a glow and a mood on the landscape that is really special. Now picture that with you as a newly married couple! It’s another great way to create an emotional memory and it is no wonder that these wedding photos are popular.

On the up side – it is a great time of the day to get away from everyone and have a few quiet moments alone outside

On the downside – you have to get your timing right! You only have 1 shot at this. Not every location will provide an opportunity for this type of photo.

Silhouette bride and groom

Sunset also provides the opportunity to have a romantic silhouette shot. So in combining the kiss and the sunset together you can have a very powerful & very emotional photograph. How amazing would this look block mounted on your wall? Or how surprised would your guests be if you printed this image on the cover of a thank you card? It would create a great memory maker, but again this needs to be planned for in advance.

“The Landscape”

“There’s a whole world out there

But that doesn’t matter

When I am with you”

bride in landscape

Landscape photographs are becoming more and more popular as couples stretch the boundaries with their wedding photographs. Some of this may be linked to the rise of the wedding blogs and the increase in wedding styled shoots by wedding professionals. You really can’t top nature, and it’s free, and you don’t need to set it up! The natural landscape is having more and more influence on wedding photographs and I have to admit it, I am a big fan. Although these image are rural, the trend is exactly the same with “the cityscape” and images that are full of city life and great architecture.

couple in landscape

Again you have to think that these shots are not spontaneous and you need to know that you will be taking them in advance. Great if your wedding venue is just next door to an open space that would make a great photograph, but if this is not the case or you think that the weather may not be your friend when you want to take the photograph, consider this idea for an engagement shoot or a pre-wedding shoot. That way you still have a great couples photograph  it will just be less formal.

Coming in part 2 … Fun Time & The Dress!

Happy planning! Dee

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