Classic Wedding Photographs To Add To Your Photo List Part 2

Fun Time

“To Love, Laughter

And Happily ever After!”

Bride and groom

Spontaneous, full of fun, let the happiness of your day shine through in some fun photos. Don’t let every photo be formal and staged, you want to enjoy the day too and capture the spirit of the enjoyment, happiness and sheer euphoria of your wedding day. And the best way to do this is to have a few props ready!

A great way to do this is through small details in your clothing whether it is cowboy boots under the wedding dress or sneakers, or bright and lively striped socks on the ushers and groomsmen,! Photos like this are fun to have taken and will make you laugh during the day

Bride adn groom shoes

Wedding socks photo

The Dress

“Simplicity is the keynote

of all true elegance!”

Coco Chanel

Wedding dress

The classic wedding dress shot of your dress hanging up waiting in anticipation for your to put it on! It is a great shot to have, but personally I would rather have a photograph of me in the dress. Now when you are thinking about your wedding dress shots be aware that most of the photographs of you will be front on, and this makes sense as the photographer is standing facing you. But I want you to think about the back of your dress. Most wedding dresses have as much if not more detail on the back of the gown than the front. The best natural opportunity for shots of the back of your dress is walking up the aisle. But it might be worth thinking about posing for a shot of the back of your dress. A great way to do this is if you stand on a staircase with your dress flowing behind you, or you stand in front of a window, that way the staircase or the window will frame the shot. Also don’t forget the details, like your shoes!

wedding dress

Whatever your decisions on how to photograph your wedding dress, just make sure that you do take photographs. A bride always looks radiant on her wedding day and you will too!

Happy Planning! Dee

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