5 Tips To Style The Perfect Wedding Ceremony

5 Tips to style your perfect wedding ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. It is the time when you will stand together with your partner and exchange your vows in front of your friends and family and it is such a special time and space that you really should put every effort into making the moment magical. So here are my 5 hot tips to style the perfect wedding ceremony.

  • Draw the eye to the most important part of the space

Compton Verney Wedding Ceremony

In case you are not sure about where that is it’s where you will be standing to exchange your vows!

Style your aisle and have a focal point marker at the top of the aisle or the front area of the room. This can be an existing feature in the room such as a fireplace, a doorway, an arch, a window or it can be created to mark the space by including a backdrop, an arch, styling a table, or simply include two larger floral displays on either side of the table.

  • Think about the time it will take to set up

You will spend less time in your ceremony space as a bride than anyone else purely because you arrive last and leave first! It’s true! But your guests will start to arrive early and will naturally start to wander into the space so you need to make sure that a) it is ready for them b) it is inviting to them.

Having something very pretty that takes time to set up is not an option if there is no time to set it up! And you also need to be savvy about the cost os styling your ceremony space if it is not being used later in your wedding celebration - which leads me onto my next point ...

  • Recycle your ceremony!

I’m a big believer in value for money as all of my brides know! I’m always trying to see how we can create 1 piece of styling and use it and reuse it later in the day in a different way. Wedding ceremony flowers are perfect for this – but you need to have a team at hand to do the moving that preferably are not guests! Let the flowers from the ceremony space reappear on the top table. The altar arrangement in the image below would look amazing across a straight top table in your wedding reception.

Photograph by Facibeni Fotografia, Flowers by Le Petit Jardin via ModWedding

Let the aisle styling (lanterns, chair decor) move to guest book tables or gift tables, or even to wherever your evening party will take place, let it add to the entrance ways. Bridal bouquets also need somewhere to be displayed in your wedding reception as do your bridesmaids bouquets - you've paid for them so why not put them on display somewhere. Plan for it in advance and it will happen!

  • Memory making

People remember events not because of what happened but because of how you made them feel. And the best way to make your guests “feel” is to surprise and delight them. Simple things like an order of service with a thank you message to your guests, the reason for your choice of readings or music, and even a written copy of your wedding vows can delight your guests and help to create memories.

Photograph by Audra Wrisley, via Green Wedding Shoes

  • Create atmosphere

Use all of the senses – especially lighting & music in your ceremony. If your budget won't stretch to professional lighting then why not add candles? The flicker of a candle can be just as effective! Comfort is also important so make sure there are plans in place so that guests are neither too hot nor too cold.

Photograph via Colin Cowie Weddings