3 Lessons I Learnt From My Own Wedding Bouquet

bridal bouquet
  • Physically hold a bouquet before the day – don’t just go on a picture in a magazine
  • Don’t get left feeling you wasted your money – the “what do I do with it now syndrome”
  • Wedding Bouquet and wedding dress should be thought of as one item not two
bridal bouquet

When I got married I didn’t really understand what I should have been looking for or even asking about in a wedding bouquet. Those were the days when we still had dial up internet, life before pinterest, and photographs still had to be taken on film and processed!! But we did have wedding magazines and I had a fantastic collection of them! But that was about all I had. No experience of being part of organising a wedding, and I’d only ever been to about 2 maybe 3 weddings before my own. So I’m not really surprised that I made some bad choices but today I’m sharing them here so that you don’t fall into the traps that I did.

Physically hold a wedding bouquet before the day – don’t just go on a picture in a magazine

I just walked into the florist with a clipped out picture of a wedding bouquet and asked for that as my bouquet! The deposit was paid, I was happy, and that was it done!

What I didn’t do was ask to hold a sample bouquet so that I could get a feel for what was comfortable for me. So when I received my overarm or pageant style bouquet on my wedding day I didn’t have a clue how to hold it and my arm ached by the time I got to my wedding ceremony. By the time we were out of the wedding ceremony I was ready to throw it away because it was a nightmare for me to hold it! The florist was not to blame, she created exactly what I asked for, I just hadn’t thought it through.

Today I make sure that all of my brides physically hold different sized bouquets so that they can see what feels right for them. Wedding fairs are a great opportunity for this but please ask the florist before you go grabbing their work, some will be for display only, others will be happy for you to handle them.

Don’t get left feeling you wasted your money – the “what do I do with it now syndrome”

I still can’t help thinking 11 years later that I didn’t get the value from my bridal bouquet that I could have. Because it was uncomfortable for me to hold, I really did ditch it as quickly as I could. And I spend quite a bit of time on my wedding day thinking “what do I do with it now?”

For some brides they will love their bouquet so much that they never want to put it down. But if you don’t feel that way about your bouquet, at least have a plan in place for where you can use it as part of your wedding décor. Ideal places for bridal bouquets can be on the cake table, next to a gift table or entrance table, or as part of the top table décor.

If you want to keep your wedding bouquet forever, then a keepsake bouquet such as a brooch bouquet may be just the choice for you, or you could opt to have your wedding bouquet dried after your wedding day. But please think about what you are going to do with your bridal bouquet after your wedding ceremony.

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Wedding Bouquet and wedding dress should be thought of as one item not two

Before my wedding day I never thought about my wedding dress and bridal bouquet as a set or a pair, and literally only looked at my bridal bouquet and my wedding dress together on my wedding day. I never thought of my bouquet in relation to the wedding dress! It’s so obvious to me now, but sometimes unless someone tells you these things you can stay clueless!

Holding my bridal bouquet across my arm may have made the plain skirt of my wedding dress look even more plain, and certainly the way I had to hold my arm meant that the shoulder strap of my dress was constantly slipping off my shoulder. I would have been better with a hand tied bouquet that I could hold in front of me.

So please think about the style of your dress in relation to your bridal bouquet. Will holding the bouquet alter how the dress sits on your arms or shoulders? Is there a pattern or major detail on the front of the dress that you want to dominate your look? If so then don’t order a large flowing bridal bouquet that will compete for attention with it. Just think about the two together.

my bridal bouquet

With all of that said, I did love my cala lilies, and for the time they were quite different in a world full of roses and carnations! My how styles have changed, but the thoughts that go into your decision making are definitely timeless.

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