Top 10 Wedding Treat Table Trends


Macaron Bars – still going strong! Lollipops But not as you’ve seen them before, edible flowers, sugared fruit and of course the traditional Sweets with words Whether a monogram, “love” or even your vows! Nostalgic treats You know the ones you used to have as a kid at a birthday party! Everything from chocolate Rice…

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Using Props In Your Wedding Styling

Using Props In Your Wedding Styling

Props are getting bigger and better in your wedding styling by the day! And why are they so popular? Well it’s a bit like decorating your home, you want it to look good but you also want it to “feel” right too, to create an atmosphere for both yourself and your guests. And what better…

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Classic Wedding Photographs To Add To Your Photo List Part 2

Fun Time “To Love, Laughter And Happily ever After!” Spontaneous, full of fun, let the happiness of your day shine through in some fun photos. Don’t let every photo be formal and staged, you want to enjoy the day too and capture the spirit of the enjoyment, happiness and sheer euphoria of your wedding day.…

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Classic Wedding Photographs To Put On Your Photo List


Part 1: “The Kiss” “By a wall the stranger now calls his, Was born of old a particular kiss” Thomas Hardy, The Kiss “The Kiss” photograph is one of the most iconic photographs that will be taken on your wedding day. Whether it is that very first touch of lips just after those words “you…

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Wedding Bouquets – 5 Important Questions To Ask About Your Bridal Bouquet

5 important questions to ask about your bridal bouquet blog

5 Important Questions To Ask About Your Bridal Bouquet Wedding bouquets on order? All done? You might think that you are all sorted and ready but have you thought about the following? Have you made arrangements for your wedding bouquet to be delivered to where you are getting ready for your wedding? Do you have…

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3 Lessons I Learnt From My Own Wedding Bouquet

bridal bouquet

Physically hold a bouquet before the day – don’t just go on a picture in a magazine Don’t get left feeling you wasted your money – the “what do I do with it now syndrome” Wedding Bouquet and wedding dress should be thought of as one item not two When I got married I didn’t…

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Wedding Bouquet Lockets – 3 easy steps to Personalise Your Bridal Bouquet

personalised wedding locket from

3 Easy Steps to Personalise Your Bridal Bouquet One of the ways that we have worked with our brides to bring that extra element of memory making to their bridal bouquet is to use a wedding bouquet memory locket. And here are our 3 simple steps on using a wedding locket. Step 1: Choose a…

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5 Tips To Style The Perfect Wedding Ceremony

5 Tips to style your perfect wedding ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. It is the time when you will stand together with your partner and exchange your vows in front of your friends and family and it is such a special time and space that you really should put every effort into making the moment…

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5 Ways to Create A Rustic Chic Wedding Style

5 ways to create a rustic style wedding

Rustic Chic. You want your wedding day to look like a wedding day, but at the same time you want a relaxed & romantic rustic feel without going totally rural! I understand where you are coming from. It’s that classic mix between relaxed romantic and country garden. Where there is a clear emphasis on the…

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Love These “Best of 2015” Wedding Bouquets

wedding bouquet review 2015

On a dreary grey winter’s day at that nothingness time between Christmas & New Year (you know the time I mean when the TV is rubbish, the weather has turned and 2016 seems like it’s never going to get here!) I love nothing more than browsing my favourite blogs for their 2015 round ups of…

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